A holistic look at the structure, function and energetic effects of the common thread in all yoga asanas and techniques – our spine!

Dr.Monica Gauci

the integrity of our sacred spine

Sa, 03. Juni 2023; von 10 bis 17 Uhr mit 1,5h Mittagspause
So, 04. Juni 2023; von 10 bis 17 Uhr mit 1,5h Mittagspause

the architecture of the spine

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A Holistic Study & Therapeutic Approach to

The Structure, Function & Energetics

Of Our Sacred Spine


A holistic look at the structure, function and energetic effects of the common thread in all yoga asanas and techniques – our spine! Our modern lifestyle exacerbates the ill effects of poor posture, mental and emotional stress and spiritual discontent and our spine bears the burden of these stressors. Likewise it is the influence of our spine, its central energy channel and energetic centres that enables yoga it to work its ‘magic’. In this workshop we explore the spine as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual axis of our body and being.


A study of the development of our spinal curves reveals the energetic system that is at the core of every yogic technique, from asana, to pranayama to meditation. Each curve bows to the cakra at that corresponding level. We explore these energy centres, how they reflect our spiritual evolution, emotions and individual expression, with a view to understand how their gentle activation is what makes the beneficial effects of yogic asana so unique.


We look at the architecture of the spine and how its structure determines our functional abilities. The anatomical section aims to educate students to respect differences both within the spine and between individuals. It is these differences that predict varying degrees of limitations and potential in different asanas.


We study the ‘stress’ points along our spine and how to reduce these stressors. Here we also look at the passive stabilisation system of ligaments as well as the active stabilisation of the spinal muscles. We examine how the role of segmental stability compliments the role of the muscles that provide larger prime movements. We explore spinal mobilisation techniques and asanas that enhance spinal stability and health as well as practical ways to modify how we perform any asana to spare our spine that it can be healthy and last us for a long lifetime.


Additionally, you will learn a Vedic healing mantra and and a Dhārana on Suṣumna from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra. The workshop concludes with a Spinal Focus asana class and a Cakra Meditation to revise and help students integrate the material taught within the workshop.


  • Divine Intelligence & the Nervous System
  • Our Spiritual Spine: Suṣumna & the Cakras
  • Mobility & Function: Discs & Facet Joints
  • Passive stabilisation – Ligaments & Fascia
  • Active stabilisation – Muscles of the Inner Core
  • Integration of the Limbs
  • Posture, Emotions, Beliefs & Therapy



  • led class
  • Correcting Forward Head Posture
  • Hyper- & Hypo Curves
  • Correcting Postural Imbalances
  • Stress Areas of the Spine
  • Destressing the Neck, Thorax & Low Back
  • Spinal Focus asana class
  • Cakra Meditation

Please bring two tennis balls with you and a long sock.
If you have a foam roller, please bring it along.


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Kenntnisse: Basis 1 – Fortgeschrittene
Lehrer: Dr. Monica Gauci
Teilnehmer (min/max): 10-30
bis 01.06.2023
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